4 Unique Kitchen Sinks You May Not Know About

The kitchen sink revolution has taken longer to evolve into the mainstream design than other elements like cabinets and appliances. Because of this there are still some fantastic materials that are lesser used and will make your sink an enviable addition to your home that friends and family will swoon over. There are some great options out there that team perfectly with existing styles and themes which you might not be aware of. Here are four of the best.


Granite sinks are growing in popularity. A matte finish is a classy choice for a number of home furnishings and sinks are no exception. If you use a lighter marble for the countertops, and continue a black matte theme with the cabinet paint and fridge panels you will have a lovely contrast, or go for black quartz counters and white base cabinets for gorgeous two-tone. Textured stone is about as unique as you can get. If you have an older farmhouse vibe with distressed cabinets and retro refrigerator then a heavy stone sink can complete the look with a unique branding. Natural solid stone countertops complete the theme of a classical yet functional kitchen.


A terrific alternative contrast to a lighter overall theme. You can keep them shiny with regular polishing or leave them for a beautifully dulled rustic style. You can accompany the sink by using accents around the room to provide a nice throughline; think cabinet and fridge door pulls for a consistent copper presence that isn’t too overpowering. A copper sink and matching pulls with white cabinetry and appliances is a wonderful minimalist approach with enough going on to give it a homely feeling.


An unusual choice for sinks, tempered glass is a super stylish choice that can be complimentary or clashing, depending on your preference. Glass sinks fit flush to the counter for a smooth flow to the kitchen. Color-wise you can go black or white for refinement or a range of louder colors for a wonderful pop. Red is great to match kettles and toasters. If you have a dishwasher you don’t need to worry as much about scratches or shattering, however, most scrapes can be repaired and tempered glass is more durable than you might think.


The reinvention of the modern kitchen has brought quartz into the picture as a high quality alternative to marble for sophisticated countertops. The qualities that make it a good counter surface can also be applied when using quartz for your kitchen sink. As well as its popular style appeal it is incredibly resistant to heat and extremely durable. The smooth solid finish means it’s also easy to keep clean, it is a natural noise-canceler, and – perhaps most importantly – bacteria and odor resistant.

Picking a new kitchen sink works best when you have the theme of your kitchen thought out in advance or already installed. The right sink completes your kitchen and provides a durable surface to endure heavy use and look good while doing it.