A Boost in Construction: What Is Popular During the Pandemic?

The recent situation concerning the pandemic has created a boom in the construction field. Many homes have become offices and schools. Because of this, it may have become a little too cramped for many people, prompting the move to expand them to accommodate extra space.

The materials may be available, but it’s hard to know whether the construction will happen without a hitch. Homeowners may have access to sales of steel beams from suppliers, but they’ll have to make sure the crew follows safety precautions. With that being said, the boom cannot be ignored. It’s reached the point of a fever pitch where everyone is thinking about finally remodeling their house, even if there’s a pandemic.

If you’re one of the many who think your home is about due for a renovation, take a look at this list. It’s a mix of tips and popular projects birthed during the pandemic.

Popular Projects: Bathroom and Kitchen

This popular project trend happened before the pandemic: people thought about renovating their kitchens and bathrooms. Though the pandemic happened, the project remained a popular choice, but it has taken on a whole new life of its own. It’s also managed to incorporate different elements from the pandemic.

The project has been joined by other similar renovation targets. After the bathrooms, decks took the second spot while kitchens were third. People spending more time at home are among the reasons these projects persist and are being taken seriously by people.

Popular Projects: Decks and Patios

Since the pandemic didn’t allow people to leave home or go very far, like take a vacation in the next state, the fascination with renovating decks and patios have become a little blown out of proportion with people renovating their homes. They’re trying to make their homes into something with a little more use.

The deck and the patio offer more time for people to spend outdoors, which is why this movement may have started. It’s just outside their home, they don’t need to go very far, and they manage to get a lot of sun without having to spend more time risking their health.

Tips: Technology Is Your Friend

Things can be very traditional in the construction field, but technology is starting to permeate even the most fundamental sectors. COVID-19 may have helped construction firms embrace technology, as more companies are looking for ways technology can help them solve problems that the pandemic has caused.

How traditional, you might say? A whopping 28% of construction and engineering companies embraced technology to help them deal with the coronavirus. While some businesses may not see it yet, this can be a wake-up call for them to consider embracing more advanced tech. It may not just be a matter of diversifying their business but also keeping safe from the pandemic.

Tips: Modular Construction if You Can

When the pandemic started, many projects were delayed so much that they didn’t even manage to reach their target deadlines. A loss like this is a loss of money and a potential cause for the company to pack up. It’s during these times that advanced techniques like modular construction should be considered.

Modular construction uses fabricated pieces like a puzzle. These are already created and pre-formed somewhere else, then shipped to the construction site. The result is a quicker-to-build way of finishing projects and ensuring that the timeline is met, even if there are delays like lockdowns.

Tips: Construction Safety

This is important during the pandemic. Consider yourself lucky if you’re one of the construction sites that managed to keep operations up during the pandemic, but if you are, you should follow safety protocols. This means you need to keep the crew to a minimum and keep people away from each other at work as much as possible.

Technology also comes here in the form of temperature checkers and sanitation tents, not to mention protective equipment. Don’t forget to act quickly if one of your crew gets positive with COVID-19 to protect everyone.

Life goes on even during a pandemic. You can do many things even while staying at home and trying to keep safe from the pandemic. Remember to always be updated with what the CDC releases about security and safety protocols to ensure the safety of your personnel. Construction firms can thrive during the pandemic if they follow the security and safety protocols to the letter. You don’t have to risk your business and the employees as you make a living in these trying times.

By HomeLight Homes