Do You Need a Kitchen or Kitchenette?

The kitchen layout is always designed very carefully to ensure it caters to all your needs. Whether you are planning for a small modular kitchen or a large modular kitchen, it should have all the necessary appliances so that one can easily cook and prepare meals. However, all apartments or rooms do not require a fully functional kitchen. Sometimes, installing just a few necessary items like the microwave, sink, and fridge is sufficient. Although it may not seem like a complete modular kitchen, it is perfect for people who use the kitchen seldom. It is called a kitchenette. You will mostly come across a kitchenette in a hotel room, rented holiday inns, and even in student dormitories. This is because the modular kitchen space is used seldom and a stove is almost never required. Also, since the kitchenette consists of lesser appliances, it is more compact and can easily fit into small spaces.

Difference between a small modular kitchen and a kitchenette

It is not always true that kitchenettes are preferred in small spaces and modular kitchens are preferred in larger spaces. It is more about the use than the size. If a family is staying in a house with elderly people or kids, a small modular kitchen will be necessary because home-cooked food will be essential and the kitchen will be used frequently. Since a kitchen consists of all the appliances and other essential items required for preparing and cooking meals, you can cook home-cooked food every day. A kitchenette will not be very beneficial in this case. Although it is often referred to as a mini kitchen, it does not offer all the features provided by a modular kitchen as many important appliances and aspects are missing. A kitchenette mainly contains a small fridge, microwave, hot plates, and a sink. Other essential items like spoons, forks, knives, etc. are often found in a kitchenette as well. A lot of items cannot be stored in a kitchenette as well because it does not offer a lot of storage space. Although many people find it incomplete, it is a great solution for people who do not have a lot of space available.

Advantages of a kitchenette

Many people believe a small modular kitchen should be chosen instead of a kitchenette. Although it may seem like choosing a modular kitchen layout is beneficial, there are plenty of benefits of a kitchenette as well that make it a better choice under various circumstances. If you are not aware of the various advantages of a kitchenette, mentioned below are a few:

1 . You get only what you want: Sometimes, a fully functional kitchen layout is not required at all. Hence, there is no point in opting for one. Instead, you should opt for a kitchenette that can suffice all your needs. Students, bachelors, and young couples mostly opt for a kitchenette over a kitchen because they hardly cook and do not require a modular kitchen.

2 . Low maintenance: If you have a hectic life schedule, taking out time to clean the kitchen can be very difficult. After a long and tiring day, you may not have the energy to clean the kitchen. Over time, the kitchen can get really dirty and unhygienic if you do not clean it. It can result in bacterial infestation as well. This is why a kitchenette is more beneficial. It is very small and can be cleaned very easily and quickly.

3 . No clutter: A kitchen gets cluttered because of the number of items present there. A kitchen does not contain so many items and cabinets. Hence, it does not appear cluttered and disorganised.

4 . Budget-friendly: If you are looking for budget-friendly options, a kitchenette will be more beneficial than a kitchen. Since it is smaller and contains fewer appliances, it is cheaper.

Disadvantages of a kitchenette

Although a kitchenette has various advantages, there are many disadvantages as well. You should be aware of these disadvantages before opting for a kitchenette. Mentioned below a few:

1 . Cooking is not possible: Since a kitchenette does not have a stove, cooking is not possible. Also, sufficient space is not available for storing cookware or prep work. You will have to use the microwave if you want to cook anything.

2 . Stays visible: Kitchenettes are located in main living spaces. Hence, you cannot keep them hidden when your guests arrive. This also means you have to keep the kitchenette clean at all times.

3 . Occupies your living space: Since the kitchenette occupies a lot of space in the living space, your room appears smaller. Also, it can make the area appear cluttered if not organised properly.