Dryer Repairs You Should Not Attempt by Yourself


Dryers are a big part of your home. They are one of the most expensive home appliances and consume most electricity apart from the HVAC system. Dryers also have sensitive components and gas connections. That’s why when your dryer breaks down, you should search for “dryer repair near me” and hire professionals instead of trying to fix it yourself. Otherwise, it could lead to fires and escalate the problem very quickly. Let’s check out some dryer repairs you should not attempt by yourself:

The Repairs

  1. Noisy dryer – A dryer can make a lot of noise due to several reasons. Sometimes, it may be due to a loosely secured vent, and other times it may be due to faulty and worn-out drum support rollers. However, most times the noise is caused by the idler or tensioner pulley and dryer belt. When the belt wears out, it makes a lot of noise against the pulley.

For all those cases, you have to call a certified dryer technician to fix the issue. If dryer vents are loosely secured, the serviceman can check for leaks with sensors that can detect carbon monoxide, a gas that is colorless and odorless, yet poisonous.

If it’s for other reasons where there is friction between two components, the dryer needs to be taken apart and inspected thoroughly. The belt, rollers, pulley, drum, and other moving parts need to be checked to locate the problem so that the faulty or damaged component can be replaced.

  1. Dryer doesn’t start – Your dryer may not start due to a multitude of reasons. However, it’s important to make sure that it’s not due to an external problem. Check the wall socket and make sure the power is turned on. If you have a multimeter, you can also check for continuity at the socket.

If it’s not an external problem, it must be due to a faulty component in your dryer. It may be due to a malfunctioning door switch. If the door switch isn’t working properly, it tells your dryer that the door is open, and this safety mechanism prevents it from turning on. This can be easily fixed by enthusiastic DIYers.

However, if the problem is due to a blown thermal fuse, faulty circuit board, or malfunctioning start switch, you need to call a professional. A thermal fuse blows out due to clogged ventilation and other problems that may produce excess heat. It helps to prevent fires. The circuit board is the brain of the dryer and allows different electronic components to talk to each other. Either way, accessing these components is difficult and unsafe for untrained people, and tinkering with them may void your warranty. It’s best to call a service technician.

A blown thermal fuse can also prevent your dryer from heating even if it runs. The thermal fuse senses the temperature inside your dryer and blows off when it overheats. This cuts off the electrical or mechanical signal that tells the burner to burn gas in a gas dryer or the heating element to heat up in an electric dryer. So, if your clothes are coming out wet, it’s probably due to a blown thermal fuse.

  1. Bad gas valve coils – This problem is exclusive to gas dryers. Two cylindrical-shaped coils go on top of a gas valve and when they are energized, they open up and allow gas to come through. With time, these valves get worn out and stop working. It’s very easy to figure out if you have worn-out gas valve coils. They will make a loud but short rhythmic chattering sound when your gas dryer starts.

While this problem may appear to be easy on the surface, it’s not. The valves control gas flow from the gas connection that goes into your home to your dryer. If they aren’t replaced properly, you’ll have a gas leak in your home and that will lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and potential loss of life. That’s why you should let a professional handle it.

  1. Bad drive motor – The dryer motor spins the drum so that your clothes are tumbled and dry properly. If it stops working, the drum won’t even spin. However, if it’s damaged or worn out, it will become inefficient and heat up very quickly. That makes this a complicated intermittent problem since it also may blow up the thermal fuse.

That’s why you should leave such repairs to professionals. They have the proper training to take apart your dryer and test it thoroughly to locate the root of the problem after going through several layers of component replacement. That’s why you’ll find that dryers that receive the DIY troubleshoot often tend to fail more quickly compared to professionally repaired dryers.

  1. Bad timer – You’ll only find this on old dryers. Newer dryers have sleeker control panels instead of timer dials. The timer spins and advances to its original position as the dryer cycle continues and finally shuts off. If the timer is damaged, it stops spinning and you’ll find your dryer running even after an hour.

Sometimes a faulty timer doesn’t send power to the igniter or the heating element. Irrespective of these problems, the fix is to replace the timer. However, the dialed timer mechanism at the back is pretty bulky and has high voltage wiring. If you don’t know what you’re doing you may hurt yourself or start a fire. The safest option is to call the company technician or a reputed local dryer technician. They have extensive experience replacing timers and can deal with hazardous wiring safely.


Now that you know about the dryer problems that should be handled by professionals, you know when to keep your DIY skills at bay. Even if you are very confident with your skills, it’s not worth risking a fire or blowing up the appliance. Instead, go online and search for “dryer repair near me” to hire reputed and certified professionals who can fix your dryer safely and quickly.