Hacks for Storing Spices & Dry Groceries in your Kitchen

Organising a kitchen is a difficult task. With so many items, you may run out of storage. Even if you manage to store the large items like pans and woks properly, small things like the spices and other groceries can make the space appear cluttered. This is why you will have to come up with unique kitchen interior design ideas that will allow you to store spices and dry groceries in your kitchen efficiently. Although it may seem quite difficult in the beginning, it is actually easy if you opt for the right kind of storage. Mentioned below are a few kitchen storage hacks that will help to keep your spics and dry groceries organised in your kitchen:

01 of 05 Pull-out spice organiser

People who love to cook and have lots of spices and dry ingredients in the kitchen can benefit from a pull-out spice organiser. This type of organisers can accommodate a lot of items and can easily be accessed when cooking. Depending on its size, you can fit anywhere between 10 to 30 spices in one. Moreover, you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen interior design using this piece. One of the biggest benefits of using them is that you do not have to worry about transferring the spices from store-bought containers to your jars. Hence, it reduces a lot of unnecessary work.

02 of 05 Magnetized and gripper spice organisers

Modern spice organisers are quite space-efficient and help you to store a lot of items in very small spaces. Magnetised and grippers racks are great for making the most of your kitchen storage space in your cabinets. You can attach this rack to the inner side of the cabinet door and increase the storage capacity of your cabinets. By storing your spices on this rack inside the cabinet, you can free up more counter space and use it for other purposes like cutting and chopping. Besides your cabinets, you can install these racks in other places as well to increase the storage capacity of your kitchen. Since they have a minimalist look, your kitchen interior design will not appear busy. Also, it is quite affordable and great for people looking for budget-friendly options. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to store spices in their store-bought containers. You will have to transfer the spices into containers that will fit in these racks.

03 of 05 The traditional spice organiser

This is one of the most popular spice organisers you will find in Indian kitchen interior design ideas. If you do not want to put a lot of thought into buying a spice rack, opting for a traditional spice organiser is one of the best solutions. You can find them in square or round shapes. The interior is divided into small separate sections using dividers so that you can store the spices separately. People looking for budget-friendly options can consider buying traditional spice racks that will help to keep all the spaces organised but will not appear aesthetically appealing. For ease of use, some of them have a transparent cover so that you can easily see inside without opening the cover. Also, they are quite slim and compact. Hence, you can keep this organiser almost anywhere without worrying that it will occupy a lot of space. However, there is one issue people face with these organisers. It does not offer a lot of storage space. You can only store a few types of spices and that too in small quantities. It has to be filled frequently if you cook a lot.

04 of 05 Caddy spice rack

If you do not cook a lot and use spices in small quantities, getting a caddy spice rack is a great idea. These are simple and minimalist organisers that will make your cooking experience more convenient. You can get one of the fancy ones that rotate and can hold around 10 – 15 containers. Since they can be kept almost anywhere you want, you can keep the organiser on the kitchen counter for easy access while cooking. However, you cannot store the spices in their store-bought containers. The spices have to be transferred into small jars first.

05 of 05 Pull out drawers

Instead of buying a rack for your spice kitchen storage, you can just turn one of the drawers into your spice organiser. Keep one drawer separate in your kitchen only for storing your spices. Divide the space inside the drawer by making many different small compartments. This will allow you to store your spices separately. You can either keep the spices in store-bought jars or transfer them to your jars before storing them. Also, you will be able to easily access them while cooking.