How to Choose the Best Cider Stain?

Maintaining the natural color of the cedar wood deck can be a challenge. But not if one applies a top-quality stain on it. Yet, it is no surprise that choosing the best stain is another problem. In essence, people have to choose from hundreds of colors in the cedar stain color chart. Even still, making a choice doesn’t come as easy as it may sound. The users will have to consider several factors, which even complicate the whole thing.

So, the biggest question is, how can someone pick the best cider stain? Often, there are some factors someone should keep in mind to make the right choice. Of course, it is common for people to factor in price and quality when buying a cider stain. But there is more to the whole process. Here are some of the top considerations.

The Stain Color

The color of the cider stain matters a lot. It is one of the essential factors to take into account when buying a stain. As expected, the stains come in a wide variety of colors. So, it only makes perfect sense to choose one that will fulfill individual needs. For instance, for those who want to retain the color of their deck, a semi-transparent option will do it. A darker tone will be a perfect choice for those looking to do a complete makeover.

The Interior/Exterior Application

Another thing to consider is where the stain is going to be applied. A stain for external surfaces should offer protection against environmental elements. It should be UV-resistant, water-resistant, and decay-proof. But for usage in interior surfaces, then a lot is not so much considered. For example, there will be no pressure to use UV-resistant stain.


The best cider stain should last long. A durable and long-lasting stain saves money at the end of the day. The owner will not be worried about recoating and doing other makeover plans. While the options for cider stains are endless, it is a great idea to go for one that will last long. Looking right at the cider stain color chart for the most durable option can be next to impossible. But working with reliable providers will give you a better insight on what to choose.

Oil-Based/Water-Based Stain

The best cider stain should be oil-based. An oil-based stain is excellent in this case because it can penetrate deeper within the wood fibers. And what this means is a long-lasting solution that will not bring any stress at the end of the day. On the other hand, water-based stains do not penetrate the wood fibers. At worse, they may damage the wood.

Adding a cedar stain enhances the visual appearance of the wood surface. Not only that, but it also keeps the cover safe from water damage and overall wear and tears. Therefore, for those looking to take care of the cedar, picking quality stains is a must. Other things to consider are personal needs and budget. Don’t go for something unnecessarily expensive and doesn’t help at the end of the day.