Redesigning Your Small Kitchen? Check These 10 Tips!

Designing smaller spaces comes with a few inherent challenges. In case of the kitchen, functionality is one aspect that cannot be sacrificed, so you need to be more nifty and smarter with décor and design ideas. In this post, we have 10 tips for those looking for small kitchen ideas.

  1. Start with a theme. If you know the colors that would be used in the kitchen, you can figure out a lot of other things. Pro tip: Stick to two colors to keep things simple and sober.
  2. Get rid of the clutter. Keep in mind that the kitchen must look need, and the easiest way to achieve the same is to remove the clutter. Go for cabinets when you can.
  3. Add some glass. Glass cabinets or simple glass shelves can add an illusion of space in the small kitchen, and this is a rather affordable way to change the design.
  4. Use the wall. If you have a free wall, hang the pots, pans and other things that can go on the display. Do not ignore the wall space by any means.
  5. Get a microwave cart. When you don’t have space for the microwave, a cart is a good investment. Make sure that it has wheels, so that you can move it while you need more space for cooking.
  6. Keep the countertop free. Things on the countertop can actually add clutter to the vision. A good idea to stock away everything away from the eyes.
  7. Doublethink the island. A kitchen island certainly looks posh, but for the smaller kitchen, this can be a bummer and can minimize movement.
  8. Get more baskets and bins. Many things used in the kitchen on a regular basis cannot be stored far away from reach. To organize the space better, get simple baskets, which can be placed neatly on the shelves.
  9. Let go for the kitchen wall. When you want a bigger kitchen, consider if the interior kitchen wall can be replaced for a nice countertop or breakfast bar. Add a few stools on the outside, and you have a dining area!
  10. Finally, take help. People don’t realize the importance of an interior expert, and while that can cost a bit, you can easily work around the budget. You can also check online sites that have plenty of pictures and information.

Design your small kitchen like a pro!