Requirements For Kitchen Grease Hood Cleaning For Restaurants

If you run or own a commercial kitchen, this is vital information you need to ensure that your kitchen is up to code with kitchen hood cleaning. Most industrial or commercial kitchens have grease hoods as a part of their equipment and require detailed cleaning on a regular basis. Despite this fact, most kitchen owners are misinformed on how to properly clean and manage their grease hoods. This article will provide you the necessary information you need to maintain a safe and healthy kitchen.

What are the Risks of a Dirty Grease Hood?

The purpose of commercial grease hood and ventilation systems is to safely remove smoke and gasses produced in the kitchen. The effectiveness of the hood is impaired when it is not cleaned properly. The gases and fumes that go through the vents are high in grease content and typically clog up the filters, hoods, and fans within the grease hood. Not only does this buildup make the vent inefficient and require more energy, but it also becomes an extreme safety hazard. The grease buildup is highly flammable and since open flames are common in a kitchen setting, this can be a real issue. Grease also causes other safety hazards including fostering bacteria, mold, and other diseases. The buildup of these toxins can make anyone in the facility ill and require medical attention.

It is imperative that restaurant owners are informed about the associated risks of not properly cleaning out grease hoods in their commercial kitchens. The right cleaning can be the difference between life and death in these settings. This task is messy but quite necessary.

What Should you Expect From a Hood Cleaning Service?

It is recommended that restaurant owners hire a professional team to clean their grease hoods to ensure the safest results. When looking for a reputable cleaning company, it is important that they provide you with a before and after cleaning report. This report should include detailed pictures of the areas serviced. In addition to the report pictures, you should receive a copy of the written in-depth report and a certificate of completion. This is important as this information will be passed on to insurance agents, fire marshals, and other representatives in your area. Be aware, even with the provided report, it is also the restaurant owner’s responsibility to check the equipment after the cleaning services have been performed to verify adequate results.

Prior to considering the application of new filters, it is necessary to get a complete clean in your commercial kitchen. Oftentimes, kitchen cleaners only clean the area of the ventilation system that is visible to you. Upon further evaluation, you can see areas higher in the hood that have not been touched and still stand as a potential safety hazard. It once again is up to the owner to verify that that job has been completed successfully and fully.

What to Look for to Ensure a Proper Cleaning Service:

To verify a proper cleaning of the exhaust system, there are a few key features to look over. The grease exhaust fans, grease ducts, hood plenums, hood interiors, grease trays, grease filters, and access panels should all be addressed during your cleaning service. If you are unsure of what these look like, there are plenty of online resources that can provide you with a better idea of what you are looking for.

The majority of grease hood cleaning companies are misinformed about the consequences and impacts of improper ventilation cleaning. The more that you understand the process and necessary results, the easier it will be for you to find a respected company that provides you with the results you need. Although there are many scammers out there, looking for the easy way out, there are also companies that are making an impact on this market and working to provide the safest service possible.

Takeaways from Grease Hood Cleaning Services:

As previously mentioned, a dirty grease hood and associated parts can serve as major health and safety hazards in commercial kitchens. Grease buildup can lead to fire hazards, mold growth, and capturing harmful bacteria. A professional cleaning company should be hired to regularly clean out your kitchens exhaust system to prevent health and safety violations. There are many companies that do not provide an adequate cleaning service and it is on the restaurant owner to verify that the kitchen is up to regular safety standards. To do this, make sure to receive a full report with pictures and then check the system yourself to make sure every component of the system was cleaned. With these tips, you can easily prevent fire and health hazards in your commercial kitchen.