Ways to Save Money on a Garden Renovation This Summer

The summer months are the months of the great outdoors, meaning that you’re likely going to be spending a lot of your time in the garden. Barbeques out of detached Summer Houses, social events or simply sunbathing during a sunny day are the kinds of things you’re probably looking forward to. However, if your garden is not up to shape, then your levels of outdoor enjoyment are going to be significantly less. That’s why getting your garden renovations done in time for the summer is key. However, it’s important to note that, no matter whether you’re renovating an existing garden or designing one from scratch, you’re likely going to be paying a lot of cash. You’re not doomed to break the bank, though, if you take into consideration the following tips:

  1. Plan according to your budget: Rather than budgeting according to your plan, plan according to your budget. Research all of the expected costs before you embark on your endeavour and make sure that it is affordable. This will ensure that you don’t come across any unexpected costs.
  2. Do it yourself! (DIY): While this is unlikely to be possible for your entire garden project, you’ll probably be able to dig into some of the work when it comes to planting, or even building fences and raised beds if you’re able to do that. This will knock a considerable amount of cash off of the builder’s fees. What’s more, if the workload is too much, you can get your family and friends over to help!
  3. Don’t get carried away when it comes to plants: Everybody wants the most beautiful plants in their garden, but there’s no need to overdo it. It’s often the case that people buy too many plants and that the garden doesn’t have as much empty space as one might like. Although plants aren’t likely to make up the chunk of your costs, every little counts, and there’s no need for any money to go to waste.
  4. Break up the project: Instead of doing all of your garden work in one go, work on different sections of the garden over different periods of time. While this will not save you any money in the long run, it will give you some time to save your cash, as well as time to think about whether your desired garden renovation project is right for you.
  5. Be mindful of the materials you choose: When building your decking, patios and pathways, it’s important to note that there can be a large difference in price depending on the materials you choose. It’s also not always the case that more expensive means nicer looking or better quality, so be sure to do your research on this before embarking on your project. You might also decide to use second-hand materials, such as stones that you may find left over from building sites. This can also be a good way to save money without compromising on quality.