Why You Should Fertilize Your Tree Roots


Fertilizing has got a bad name in recent years. While it’s true that most chemical fertilizers contain harmful substances that destroy the soil, ecosystem, and wildlife, there are natural fertilizers that bring a lot of benefits to your trees. On the other hand, if you need to get your tree trimmed or checked out, you can search for “tree service near me” and hire professionals for the job. Let’s check out why you should fertilize trees and tree roots.

The Details

  1. Rejuvenate sick trees – One of the greatest benefits of using fertilizers is the rejuvenation of sick trees. When you fertilize a sick tree, you are able to feed it all the nutrients it has been lacking. This allows the tree to become stronger, bounce back with greater regeneration, and fight off infection with more vigor.

However, fertilizing sick trees is a complicated affair since you need to know what kind of diseases are affecting your tree and the right kind of fertilizers that can help. That’s why it’s best to hire an arborist or a tree service company before you fertilize sick trees. If you’re not careful and use the wrong fertilizer, it can worsen the problem. For instance, if there is a hemlock wooly adelgid infestation on your tree, feeding it nitrogen-rich fertilizers can worsen the problem. Those insects love to feast on nitrogen.

  1. Efficient land use – For a hobby gardener or someone who likes to grow a green patch in the backyard, the land is a very precious and limited resource. You aren’t a farmer with hundreds or thousands of acres of land that can be cleared out for new crops. You can afford to grow a small veggie garden in the backyard. The rest of the space is reserved for a patio, open green space for the kids, and for entertaining guests.

Fertilizers help you to get more crop yield from your tiny little veggies garden. With organic fertilizers, you can use the same plot of land to grow a diverse range of crops and get good yields year after year without polluting the soil. While planting cover crops helps to add back nutrients to the soil, it isn’t enough for a bountiful harvest.

  1. Less water waste – Water is an important resource, especially in desert climates. That’s why you need to make sure that it is used efficiently. Fertilizers can help with that. When you add fertilizers to the soil, they help to absorb and retain water for a longer period. So, tree roots have easier access to water and most of it doesn’t get wasted if you’re mulching properly.

When fertilizers hold more water and come in contact with the roots of trees, they help with diffusion and encourage stronger roots and new root growths. You don’t have to worry about waste from runoff water either. You can also spread-out fertilizer on your lawn and prevent mud patches or your land from going soggy due to a sudden downpour.

  1. Limited weed growth – Some homeowners are afraid of using fertilizers since they think that it may encourage abundant growth in all kinds of plants, even unwanted weeds. However, when you use fertilizers the right way, weed growth is very limited. For instance, when you fertilize trees, you need to make sure to cover the ground around the trunk with a thick layer of mulch. When trees grow healthy and strong roots and create a thick shade, weed growth is naturally limited.

The same goes for your lawn. If you use the right kind of fertilizer for your lawn, it encourages thick and healthy grass growth. They develop strong roots and blades grow tall and thick enough to not allow any sunlight to reach the ground. Using fertilizers the right way can help you prevent the use of harsh chemicals for killing weeds.

  1. Saves money – High-quality organic fertilizers cost more than fertilizers full of harsh chemicals. However, when you spend a small amount of money on fertilizers, you get to save a lot later on. Fertilizers are dirt cheap when compared to saplings, new trees, and flowers. However, they allow you to create the perfect conditions for growing strong and healthy trees.

You’ll need to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to plant trees on your property. However, the same can be done by buying a sapling for less than $50 and growing it with around $50 worth of fertilizer over the years. Moreover, that tree isn’t just an ornamental piece in your garden. It brings you more fulfillment since you spend a lot of precious time and labor on caring for it.

  1. Minimal runoff – People who don’t know about fertilizers claim that they can run off into the storm drain during a downpour and pollute the water supply and harm ecosystems. However, that’s only partially true and holds mostly for large commercial farms. If you buy organic fertilizers, they don’t have a lot of harmful chemicals and if used in the right amount, they have minimal risk of runoff.
  1. Deep root fertilization – While there are many benefits of fertilizing your trees, it’s best that you fertilize them a certain way. That’s where deep root fertilization comes in. With this method, you use a root zone injector pipe to shove down a blend of the necessary fertilizers close to the roots of the tree.

This helps with quicker fertilizer diffusion into the roots and since the fertilizer sits deep under the soil, the chances of runoff are almost nonexistent. It also helps you target specific trees and feed them the perfect blend of nutrients they need.


Fertilizers that don’t contain heavy metals and harmful substances are great for your trees if used the right way. Tree root fertilization is even preferred over other methods of tree fertilization since it helps you target a tree and feed it the right amount of necessary nutrients. For any other kind of tree service, you can search for “tree service near me” and hire pros good at the job.